Wednesday, June 1, 2011

wine, song and a lot of cleaning up

Meal: Pizza, 3 Salads and Squashed Cherries with Vanilla Mascarpone Cream

Tonight I spent significantly longer than the 30 mins that Jamie said it would take - partly because the simplicity of the meal tonight left me wondering if there was a hidden trick and because it's week five at school and I seem to have the reading comprehension skills of a hungover vole. I must have re-read some sentences a dozen times.

Pizza: Very simple and easy to prepare but made loads of dishes! I liked the idea of frying and grilling the pizza and the mix of baby mozzarella and fresh parmesan was lovely.

The salads: The rocket salad was lovely and simple. The tomato and basil salad was lovely and messy. I haven't eaten so much raw garlic since I was a poor student at teacher's college in the early 90s and my friend Olivia told me that a glass of orange juice with 10 cloves of diced garlic would cure my cold cheaper and quicker than a trip to the doctor [it does BTW]. The baby mozzarella salad was memorable because we like pesto but probably wasn't necessary in the overall concept of the meal; it didn't seem to fit in with the simple theme.

Cherries and Marscarpone Cream: The idea of having fresh cherries on ice at the table was fun and there was an encore of the squashing here which was much more tame than the tomatoes.  Lou added a fresh cinnamon brioche from NOSH at the last minute, which was a nice surprise.

Time Taken:  Too embarrassed to say.  Think of a prime number less than 99 and you're close.
Cost:  $42.55 (but there is a lot of expensive cheese left over... mmmmmm cheese)
Chef: Blair
Music to cook to:  William Fitzsimmons newly released "Gold in the Shadow"
This meal was brought to you today by the herb 'basil' and the number 3 [only 3 litres of olive oil per person!]

Kia ora Jamie.

Squashed Tomato & Basil Salad

Cheat's Pizza with Basil

Rocket Salad

Bocconcini Salad with Basil

Cherries on Ice