You may be interested to know how we do things that affect the process and/or end result...

* we buy organic fruit, veges were possible from the Avondale markets
* we buy amazingly cheap free-range eggs also from the Avondale markets (approx 8c each)
* we buy free-range chicken as often as possible from the Westlynn butchery
* we buy most of our other ingredients from Foodtown St Lukes - definitely not the cheapest but certainly the most convenient. Most of our costs are from the general supermarket shop and it is that receipt that I tally to get our average cost per meal.  We only tally up the extra things we had to buy to be able to make the meal (so it effectively excludes whatever we have already paid for stuff already in the pantry).
* we grow our own herbs (coriander, lemongrass, parsley, basil, thyme, mint etc) and a small array of our own vegetables.

if you know where to find ingredients that we haven't been able to locate, let us know!