Monday, January 30, 2012

8 months since the last post... and I was HUNGRY!

Meal: Vege Rogan Josh, with Carrot Salad, Chapatis, Spiced Rice and a Cold Beer

It has been a horribly long time since we blogged our dining with yo'awl.  We have done a lot of Jamie cooking but ... Well, there's no excuse other than the short people in the house who seem to drain the last vestiges of energy from our weary carcasses each day.  Over the last several months, we have revisited a few of the favourites several times.  The minted lamb and roasted peppers have been a fav as has the simple pizza - the boys love that one especially.

Tonight's meal was a surprisingly light curry that was thoroughly enjoyable.  The carrot salad with coriander and lemon was a tasty, cheeky little number that complimented the spiced rice and curry beautifully; it was a real summer taste.  The meal was enjoyed on this hot evening with a beer (a Heineken .... I KNOW! My second beer of the decade).  I was left feeling quite chuffed with my beer drinking efforts.  Mumblegirl even had a wee swig (she's more of a wine girl).

This was my first real excursion into vegan cooking and we were both surprised with how satisfying and refreshing the meal was.  There was no need for mounds of unsweetened yoghurt - perhaps this is a bad habit (read: dairy rut) that we've found ourselves in.

Jamie's constant demand for MORE EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL certainly didn't wane this evening - I seemed to be lugging oil into and onto everything to match every chorus that Tori Amos delivered from the Tivoli.

Time Taken: A non-specific amount of time more than 90 mins, although technically I can say that I was waiting for the beer to cool.
Cost: Probably only about $20 if I wasn't being too cognisant of the HUGE amount of fresh coriander that was used
Chef: Blair
Music: Tonight I revisited 1996's 'Boys for Pele' by Tori Amos (until various family members complained about the music being too loud or "it's keeping me awake" or "not that angst-ridden wench again?"  I made it through about 5 songs before the groans of my family, coupled with the urge to slit my wrists with the kitchen whiz grating attachment overcame me. But it is a great album.  Her first self-produced record and I agree with her when she says "Hey, everyone needs a glass of red wine and some depressing music from time to time."


  1. Love you guys. Welcome back!!

  2. Hello mumble whanau! Wish I could have been there to help you tuck in! Yummo!